How Can We Prevent Narcotic Related Deaths?

Drug-related deaths have reached the extensive record in the U.S., and too many lives have been affected by this substance. Based on some studies, the drug overdose has tripled in the last 25 years, which is undoubtedly a reason to worry. What represents the biggest challenge for authorities when they are combating the drug market is that drug has become available to anyone and no longer you need a lot of money if you want to use opioids. The most affected are teenagers and young adults, and this situation is creating an enormous problem to public health.

Needle exchange program

This might seem like an absurd action, but instead of helping drug users spread infectious diseases, such as HIV and hepatitis, the needle exchange program can, actually, reduce the drug use. These types of programs offer free and non – judgmental services in exchange for needles. In this way, the medical professionals can have a positive effect on drug users, provide them health counseling and lead them to recovery programs. This can have a positive impact on people who are addicted to drugs and help them overcome their addiction.

Medications that prevent addiction

Following the recent heroin epidemy in Kentucky, it has come to our senses that specific medicine called Suboxone has the power to block the effects of heroin, as well as withdrawal cravings. The Suboxone is medically tested, and it isn’t part of any controversy. The primary use of this medicine is to prevent the relapses, which are common in rehabilitation period. Their relapses make drug users vulnerable to overdose and later death, considering they have lower drug tolerance after the treatment.

Overdose antidote

An overdose antidote has been in use for a long time, and in the recent years, community and various government institutions have created the programs where they will teach public how to recognize the overdose. The most popular antidote is naloxone, and it can be used as an injection or nasal spray. It reverses the effects of heroin and painkillers, and it can save your life in certain situations.