Welcome to the website of A Better Choice. We are a non-profit group advocating for the reform of narcotic drug prescriptions. We believe that there is a place for narcotic pain medications. However, we think they should only be prescribed for acute pain such as during surgery recovery or for chronic pain only in the most extreme cases when all other alternatives have been exhausted.

Pain is your body’s way of telling you something is wrong. Opiate pain medications don’t solve whatever the problem is that is causing pain. They simply mask the pain that’s there. When it comes to chronic pain, there are a lot of other alternative methods that have proven to be much more effective in the long term such as acupuncture, exercise, massage, diet changes, herbal medications and vitamins, and other non-narcotic pain medications.We feel that so many doctors unfortunately will go right to prescribing narcotic pain medication when a patient presents with chronic pain.

This is one of the reasons why so many prescriptions are violated, and many people become addicted to painkillers. Before prescribing a drug, doctors need to evaluate your physical and emotional condition and to offer you multiple options when they are making a decision. Our organization is against any violation, and we want to see the reform of drug laws, in order to help a lot of misfortunate people, who are struggling with addiction. So, if you have any problems, don’t hesitate to contact us. We can guarantee you anonymity, and your identity will be confidential.

If you are struggling with the same problems, keep in mind that painkillers and various opioids won’t solve your issues. They will temporarily mask the feeling and prolong the pleasant sensation, but once the effects of the drugs pass, you will be facing the same issues all over again. Our society is consumed by drugs, and we can hardly find the way our, at least, not without professional help and rehabilitation programs. In this case, our organization is willing to help you and rearrange your entire life, in order to get back on the tracks and continue your life.