Arguments for and against drug prohibition

Drug prohibition is an efficient way to prevent the drug addiction with young adults and teenagers.

On the other hand, medicinal drugs have found the use in the treatment of many severe diseases and as a pain reliever.

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Arguments for drug prohibition

Addiction with young people – considering that drug has become available to anyone, a lot of kids come in contact since an early age, which has become a massive problem.

The lack of control – even though, a lot of government institutions are trying to control the drug market, they can’t track every operation, and it has become very challenging to prevent the drugs from hitting the streets.

Arguments against drug prohibition

Pain reliever – for people who are struggling with the severe diseases, medicinal drugs are the only solution, especially patients who have cancer. In the last couple of years, various institutions have recognized this problem and started numerous initiatives.

Medicinal research – a lot of opioids have been used in therapeutic research. Scientists have been trying for years to discover the cure for many severe diseases, and in this way, drugs have become an essential part of our world.

 – Drug laws are effective/ ineffective –


When it comes to drug laws and their efficiency, we can say that in some cases the justice has been satisfied. Now, every major country is fighting the drug lords and is trying to prevent the drugs from hitting the streets, but there are a lot of areas for improvement.

On the other hand, we have an impression that laws are against our society and that people who are trafficking drugs don’t get punished enough. A lot of young people are under the influence of drugs and for now, we don’t have a solution, except for taking them to hospitals and jails.

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